Back to SESA (and Uni)

by Saren Currie


Semester 2 of 2015 will see a plethora of new events to keep you procrastinating all semester long.

In drinking it’s debatable, but with SESA events we’re definitely of the opinion that you should start early, which is why we’re holding the next event in the SESA Grad Series on the very first day of semester. At 6pm in 3.404 Dhanishh is presenting “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Job Hunt” where he will share his experiences with applications, interviews and office politics.

Next up is the Women in Tech Carreers seminar. This event is for guys as well as girls and will be a great time to hear from people in industry including past SESA president Jess Hallett-Hook. This event is on 28 July from 4pm to 6pm in 3.407.

Also coming up before the end of August are Part IV Project and Hipster Web shadow classes, as well as the third event in the SESA Grad Series, the next SESA Movie Night and for the first time: the SESA Programming Competition. Further in the future we also have the SESA Game Jam, another Cardboard Night and our next LAN.

Finally we’d love for you to all like our new Facebook page and follow us on Twitter #SocialMediaSuckups.

Cheers, the SESA Exec Team

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