So Far This 2017 (or, welcome to a new SESA year)

by Aimee Tagle

After an exciting, event-filled, and undocumented-by-news-blog 2016, the SESA Exec Team were ready for another year of better-documented events. Thanks to our 2017 gold (Orion Health, Vista Entertainment, Soft Tech, and Teknique), and silver (Palantir, EROAD, and Microsoft) sponsors for their support. We’ve had a blast working with you so far, and look forward to what 2017 has in store.

We kicked off the semester with the annual SESA Mixer- an opportunity for software students to meet and play games and sign up for a year of personal and professional development with SESA. With over 150 members signed up, the year was looking very promising.

The SESA Industry night brought our members and sponsors together for plenty of learning and networking. This was a chace for everyone to learn more about our sponsors, and about how they can use the skills they have learnt and will learn in the industry.

Over these last few weeks, SESA addressed a problem on every student’s mind: “How do I get a job?”. Our “SESA Gets Hired” events focused on giving students an idea of what companies look for in both interns and graduates. With CVs spruced, interviews ironed out, and algorithms aced, we hope everyone who went feels equipped for finding employment.

Our members have also had plenty of opportunity to put their skills into practice. Events such as the Palantir Workshop, Microsoft Coding Competition, and Orion Health Coding Competition drew in many of our members who were looking to extend themselves, try something new, or just have a good time.

Finally, despite cyclone-related complications with our last event for this first half of the semester, we were able to celebrate six weeks of SESA in 2017 with the first SESA Game Day of the year. Featuring plenty of board games, sitting around laptops, and of course the Smash tournament, it was an excellent way to wrap up a half-semester.

We hope everyone involved in SESA has enjoyed the year, and look forward to all else we have planned for 2017.


the SESA Exec Team

Excitement for 2016

by Saren Currie

Hi Everyone,

Welcome (back) to SESA, we hope you’re having an awesome year!

We had a ton of interest at our mixer earlier this month, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve got a heap more excitement lined up for the rest of the year. First of we’ve got our Biannual General Meeting at this Wednesday at 6pm in Engineering room 403.407, this is where we’ll run you down further on the great year we have planned and will also see the election of our Part II Rep for 2016. On top of that, we have LANs, movie nights, board game nights and much more to sink you teeth into this year.

As always, our fantastic sponsors allow us to run all this for you and I’m pleased to say that this year we have, joining returning sponsors Orion Health, Vista Entertainment and Atlassian we have new sponsors Palantir, Eroad, Olympic Software and Winternz by ICE Professionals. You can get to know these sponsors and more a little better at our Careers Evening on March 22nd as well as at many events that each company is running on campus, so keep an eye out for those.

All in all, it’s looking to be a great year for SESA and we hope that you have as much of a blast as we do.

Cheers, the SESA Exec Team

General Meeting for Consitution Changes

by Saren Currie


Just a reminder of our constitution amendment meeting occuring at 5 P.M. on Friday 4 September. The meeting will take place in Engineering 401.439. Followed by pizza and an afterparty at Shadows.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Opening
  • Present and apologies
  • Confirmation of the minutes
  • Voting on proposed changes to the constitution
  • Addoption of approved changes
  • General business
  • Closing

We hope to see you there.

Cheers, the SESA Exec Team

General Meeting for Consitution Changes

by Saren Currie


The Executive Comitee has called a General Meeting for the purose of altering the constitution to be held on Friday September 4 at Auckland University. This meeting will allow all members to vote on propsed changes to our consitution. Proposals can be made up til seven days before the meeting (Friday 28 August) on the google doc here.

This meeting will be followed by pizza and an afterparty at Shadows with a complimentary bar tab. Please note that only members who attend the meeting will be eligible to use the bar tab.

Cheers, the SESA Exec Team

Back to SESA (and Uni)

by Saren Currie


Semester 2 of 2015 will see a plethora of new events to keep you procrastinating all semester long.

In drinking it’s debatable, but with SESA events we’re definitely of the opinion that you should start early, which is why we’re holding the next event in the SESA Grad Series on the very first day of semester. At 6pm in 3.404 Dhanishh is presenting “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Job Hunt” where he will share his experiences with applications, interviews and office politics.

Next up is the Women in Tech Carreers seminar. This event is for guys as well as girls and will be a great time to hear from people in industry including past SESA president Jess Hallett-Hook. This event is on 28 July from 4pm to 6pm in 3.407.

Also coming up before the end of August are Part IV Project and Hipster Web shadow classes, as well as the third event in the SESA Grad Series, the next SESA Movie Night and for the first time: the SESA Programming Competition. Further in the future we also have the SESA Game Jam, another Cardboard Night and our next LAN.

Finally we’d love for you to all like our new Facebook page and follow us on Twitter #SocialMediaSuckups.

Cheers, the SESA Exec Team

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