Beat the Rush, Sign Up Now

by Saren Currie

Hey everyone,

We’re ready to kick off semester one with a bang, and to be part of that you need to sign up. Admittedly, you can do it all online, so despite the title, there won’t be a rush to get in the door. Sign up here and then pay online or at one of our events in the first weeks of uni.

Speaking of events, there’s plenty to go around, first there’s the SESA Mixer at 5 P.M. Thursday the 5th of March in Engineering Cafetira (note: it is no longer in leech), and then we have our first bAGM at 6 P.M. Tuesday the 10th of March in Engineering room 404.503, both with pizza for all atendees and the ability to sign up if you don’t want to pay online. We’ve also got priority attendance at the Microsoft Student Accelerator Showcase which starts 6 P.M. sharp on Monday the 9th of March at the Auckland Town Hall (you need to register online for this one, so see our Facebook group for more details).

If this is all to much to keep track of we’ve got good news, you can now follow our new Google calendar to keep up to date.

See you soon, your exec team.

Excitement for 2015

by Saren Currie

As the start of uni approaches, SESA has heaps of exciting news for the upcoming year.

As usual we have a ton of great events for you, but this year we’re getting started even earlier with The Sesa Mixer on Thursday 5th of March in Leech Study Area at 5pm, followed swiftly by our first Bi-Annual General Meeting, which is also in the coming weeks.

We’ve also got a plethora of LANs, movie nights, shadow classes and all that good stuff for you throughout the year.

Cheers, your exec team.

Upcoming bAGM

by Jenna Finlayson

SESA’s second bi-annual general meeting for 2014 is coming up!

Date: Monday 13th October
Time: 6-7pm
Location: ENG 3.403

We will be electing new exec members for all (but 1) exec roles and will be taking votes on anything else anyone wants to bring up about the club.

You can view the Facebook event here.
A list and description of the exec roles can be viewed here.

There will be free pizza afterwards!

See you there.

Another Minecraft server move

by Dave Mate Haden

SESA Minecraft server is still going at a new location of

In other words if you try using a port YOU WONT CONNECT :)

Move was due to sgoo going overseas… :’(

Also the whitelist was lost so contact Dave Mate (dhad933) to be re-whitelisted


Minecraft Server Move

by Andrew Hughson

Hey everyone, just a heads up that the server address has changed port. Now when you enter the server address you will need to append 25566, suchlike:

The reason for this is that Scott has graciously agreed to host the server on his much more powerful machine, hopefully resulting in massively improved performance (it was kinda chugging on the old machine!).

So thanks Sgoo, and happy playing!

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