A Semester Down

by Aimee Tagle

With the end of exams, and a LAN soon following, SESA said goodbye to 2017 semester 1. As the academic calendar got busier, the SESA calendar slowed its event pacing.

We started week 6 with a slew of events, including the much anticipated grad series, and the postponed-for-the-weather cardboard night. The grad series featured SunKee and Ofek, two brilliant grads that shared their journey so far with us, along with heaps of tips and tricks for uni/life/everything else. This time a around, there were no storm warning to stop a night of betrayal, bluffing, and fun.

As the semester continued, we managed to fit fun into everyone’s packed schedules. With events such as the Vista Movie Night, the pub quiz, and SESA’s “Assignments and Chill” dotted throughout the semester, there was always something to look forward to after a deadline.

Finally, we wrapped up the semester 1 SESA events calendar with our first LAN of 2017. It was good. I, the SESA Exec member who is writing this post, did not win $50. Regardless, we held an exciting competition, played some great games, and had an all-round great event- a fitting way to farewell semester 1.


the SESA Exec Team