The start of a new decade

by Alex Verkerk, Aiden Burgess

Hello everyone and welcome to the new year and decade!

First off, we would like to introduce our new sponsors for the year. Gold: ecoPortal, Honeywell Silver: Serato, Sandfield, Jane Street, Atlassian, IMC Trading, Orion Health, Vista

Next up, what are our plans for 2020?


A good year requires a good start, and that is what the mixer is for. It allows students of all years to meet and talk with each other.

Part II Orientation

Based on feedback we have received, and our own experiences, this event will focus more on internships this year. BAGM 1 Industry night

Buddy program

Started last year, we are planning on starting this again.

If you would like to give us suggestions or feedback, you can use this form