End of Year Wrap-up

by Aiden Burgess

SESA Mixer

Hi everyone, it’s the end of the year, and I’d just like to make a wrap-up post to cap off this crazy year.


This year, we had to do a lot of things differently because of lockdowns. Social events such as games nights and pub quizzes somehow had to be held online. Our industry events such as speed interviews were held completely online and CV checking was partially online.

Our exec have learnt a lot from these experiences and hope to carry forth some ideas from these events, such as online game nights, and allowing overseas sponsors to participate in our industry events without needing to be present in person.


Semester One

  • Mixer
  • Part II Orientation
  • Behind the Scenes - Atlassian Forge
  • Industry Night 2020
  • BAGM 1
  • SESA Gets Hired: CV Workshop
  • Virtual Pub Quiz (BYOD)
  • Games Night
  • T-Shirt Design Comp 2020
  • SESA Gets Hired: Interview Workshop

Semester Two

  • Remixer
  • CV Checking Night
  • Speed Interviews (ONLINE)
  • Among Us Night
  • Part III Electives Night
  • Part IV Electives Night + P4P Info
  • Sports Day - DODGEBALL
  • Assignments & Donuts
  • Worlds 2020 Finals Viewing Party
  • End of Year Dinner 2020
  • Exam Study Session


Therefore, I’d like to thank all the members of the SESA exec for 2020

  • President: Timo Van Veenendaal
  • Vice President: Nisarag Bhatt
  • Secretary: Alex Verkerk
  • Treasurer: Sreeniketh Raghavan
  • Part 2 Representative: Jiaru Lin
  • Part 3 Representative: Aiden Burgess
  • Part 4 Representative: William Shin
  • Postgraduate/Staff Representative: Kelly Blincoe
  • Women’s Representative: Jenna Kumar
  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Oliver Chamberlain
  • General Executive Member: Charles Paterson
  • General Executive Member: Jennifer Lowe
  • Auditor: Benny Chun


We’d like to give a shoutout to our sponsors for making all our events possible this year and supporting our club!!

Our Gold sponsors

  • ecoPortal
  • Honeywell

Our Silver sponsors

  • Atlassian
  • IMC Trading
  • Jane Street
  • Orion Health
  • Sandfield
  • Serato
  • Vista