What's On: Week One (19 July-25 July)

by Matt Jakeman & Aiden Burgess

Hi everyone 👋

Hope all your exams went well. SESA is back for Semester Two with a new look!

Weekly Digest

Event Calendar 📆

See what’s ahead with our brand new Event Calendar: https://sesa.org.nz/events/

This Week 🚀

📦 General Meeting + Cardboard Night

We have proposed constitutional amendments to how SESA operates, and you get to vote on them. Afterwards, we’ll be having pizza 🍕🍕🍕 and playing some board games! Also, we do miss your faces :(

  • When: Tuesday 20th July, 6pm-9pm
  • Where: On Campus, Engineering Building - 401-401 then Leech

Event: https://go.sesa.org.nz/gm2021

💻 SESA x WDCC Hackathon Workshop

A beginner friendly 🐥 workshop covering making a React frontend, Node backend, and everything in between👩‍🏫!

Thanks everyone for signing up, unfortunately all spaces have run out. We still have a limited number of spaces, these will be given first-come, first-serve at the workshop.

  • When: Friday 23rd July, 6pm+
  • Where: On Campus, Room TBD

Event: https://go.sesa.org.nz/hackathon2021

Pub Quiz 🍺 × Java 7 Birthday 🎂

Sign-ups are now open for a fun night of subsidised drinks, bants, and quizzing! Java 7 is 10 years old! We’ll be celebrating by inviting Ewan to cut the cake 😂

  • When: Wednesday 28th July, 7pm-9pm
  • Where: Shadows

Event: https://go.sesa.org.nz/pub-quiz-event

Signup here: https://go.sesa.org.nz/pub-quiz-signup

SESA’s New Look ✨

You might have noticed that SESA’s pages are looking a little fresh today. We’re rolling out a new look and new logo. While you’re here, have a look around SESA’s new website (you’re on it right now).

Connect with SESA 🔗

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