What's On: Week One (19 July-25 July)

by Matt Jakeman & Aiden Burgess

Hi everyone 👋

Hope all your exams went well. SESA is back for Semester Two with a new look!

Weekly Digest

Event Calendar 📆

See what’s ahead with our brand new Event Calendar: https://sesa.org.nz/events/

This Week 🚀

📦 General Meeting + Cardboard Night

We have proposed constitutional amendments to how SESA operates, and you get to vote on them. Afterwards, we’ll be having pizza 🍕🍕🍕 and playing some board games! Also, we do miss your faces :(

  • When: Tuesday 20th July, 6pm-9pm
  • Where: On Campus, Engineering Building - 401-401 then Leech

Event: https://go.sesa.org.nz/gm2021

💻 SESA x WDCC Hackathon Workshop

A beginner friendly 🐥 workshop covering making a React frontend, Node backend, and everything in between👩‍🏫!

Thanks everyone for signing up, unfortunately all spaces have run out. We still have a limited number of spaces, these will be given first-come, first-serve at the workshop.

  • When: Friday 23rd July, 6pm+
  • Where: On Campus, Room TBD

Event: https://go.sesa.org.nz/hackathon2021

Pub Quiz 🍺 × Java 7 Birthday 🎂

Sign-ups are now open for a fun night of subsidised drinks, bants, and quizzing! Java 7 is 10 years old! We’ll be celebrating by inviting Ewan to cut the cake 😂

  • When: Wednesday 28th July, 7pm-9pm
  • Where: Shadows

Event: https://go.sesa.org.nz/pub-quiz-event

Signup here: https://go.sesa.org.nz/pub-quiz-signup

SESA’s New Look ✨

You might have noticed that SESA’s pages are looking a little fresh today. We’re rolling out a new look and new logo. While you’re here, have a look around SESA’s new website (you’re on it right now).

Connect with SESA 🔗

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End of Year Wrap-up

by Aiden Burgess

SESA Mixer

Hi everyone, it’s the end of the year, and I’d just like to make a wrap-up post to cap off this crazy year.


This year, we had to do a lot of things differently because of lockdowns. Social events such as games nights and pub quizzes somehow had to be held online. Our industry events such as speed interviews were held completely online and CV checking was partially online.

Our exec have learnt a lot from these experiences and hope to carry forth some ideas from these events, such as online game nights, and allowing overseas sponsors to participate in our industry events without needing to be present in person.


Semester One

  • Mixer
  • Part II Orientation
  • Behind the Scenes - Atlassian Forge
  • Industry Night 2020
  • BAGM 1
  • SESA Gets Hired: CV Workshop
  • Virtual Pub Quiz (BYOD)
  • Games Night
  • T-Shirt Design Comp 2020
  • SESA Gets Hired: Interview Workshop

Semester Two

  • Remixer
  • CV Checking Night
  • Speed Interviews (ONLINE)
  • Among Us Night
  • Part III Electives Night
  • Part IV Electives Night + P4P Info
  • Sports Day - DODGEBALL
  • Assignments & Donuts
  • Worlds 2020 Finals Viewing Party
  • End of Year Dinner 2020
  • Exam Study Session


Therefore, I’d like to thank all the members of the SESA exec for 2020

  • President: Timo Van Veenendaal
  • Vice President: Nisarag Bhatt
  • Secretary: Alex Verkerk
  • Treasurer: Sreeniketh Raghavan
  • Part 2 Representative: Jiaru Lin
  • Part 3 Representative: Aiden Burgess
  • Part 4 Representative: William Shin
  • Postgraduate/Staff Representative: Kelly Blincoe
  • Women’s Representative: Jenna Kumar
  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Oliver Chamberlain
  • General Executive Member: Charles Paterson
  • General Executive Member: Jennifer Lowe
  • Auditor: Benny Chun


We’d like to give a shoutout to our sponsors for making all our events possible this year and supporting our club!!

Our Gold sponsors

  • ecoPortal
  • Honeywell

Our Silver sponsors

  • Atlassian
  • IMC Trading
  • Jane Street
  • Orion Health
  • Sandfield
  • Serato
  • Vista

The Mixer

by Alex Verkerk, Aiden Burgess

SESA Mixer

SESA hosted its annual Mixer on Tuesday! We had a great first event of 2020, with nearly all of the Part II cohort turning up to get to know the rest of the Software Engineering students!

We had a great turnout of over 150 Software Engineering students, who mixed and mingled, and ate loads of free pizza!

We’d like to give a shoutout to our sponsors for making this event possible: Our Gold sponsors: ecoPortal & Honeywell Our Silver sponsors: Atlassian, IMC Trading, Jane Street, Orion Health, Sandfield, Serato & Vista

The start of a new decade

by Alex Verkerk, Aiden Burgess

Hello everyone and welcome to the new year and decade!

First off, we would like to introduce our new sponsors for the year. Gold: ecoPortal, Honeywell Silver: Serato, Sandfield, Jane Street, Atlassian, IMC Trading, Orion Health, Vista

Next up, what are our plans for 2020?


A good year requires a good start, and that is what the mixer is for. It allows students of all years to meet and talk with each other.

Part II Orientation

Based on feedback we have received, and our own experiences, this event will focus more on internships this year. BAGM 1 Industry night

Buddy program

Started last year, we are planning on starting this again.

If you would like to give us suggestions or feedback, you can use this form

2017 and Beyond

by Aimee Tagle

What a last half semester of 2017! What a year in general! The last six weeks of semester 2017 had some of our biggest events and we hope everyone enjoyed those.

To kick everything off, we had our third Grad Series of the year with grads and still-active SESA members Frano Stanisic and Saren Currie. We thank them for their continual support of our organisation, and their excellent presentation of life after a software engineering degree.

After the grad series easing us in, we got to our heavy-hitting events. First off was our BAGM and second pub quiz of the year, crammed into one night of excitement. Exciting it very much was, especially with assignment-doing part 3 students who hadn’t quite finished designing a system architecture. It was an all-round fun night of speech-making, trivia, and software camaraderie. Congratulations to our pub quiz winners and general participants, and best of luck to our 2018 executive team who were elected that night. You may or may not find their names on our website in the near future.

Our official end of year event, the formal dinner, happened shortly after the end of lectures. With a need to increase capacity and over 90 in attendance, we think it’s fair to say that it was a popular event: a great way to catch up after a busy period, and before exam stress settled in.

Finally came the unofficial end of year event: the traditional LAN to finish it all. With a couple of exams ending during the event, our second LAN party of the year became the post-exam celebration of choice, judging by the peak in elevator traffic. As always, it was a great time.

Thanks to our sponsors, everyone who came to our events, and our executive team. Your dedication to this students organisation makes what we do possible and worthwhile. To our outgoing exec, thank you for everything you have contributed to SESA. Apologies for all the events to attend, but we hope you enjoyed it as much as we (or perhaps I) did. All the best for your future endeavours. We hope we can make you proud in 2018, and in the many years of SESA to come.

It was a truly amazing 2017, and we hope it has been a memorable time to be a software engineering student.

-Aimee on behalf of the SESA exec, since it would be weird if the whole team just thanked themselves in that last paragraph